I Won’t Lie…

A Message To My Readers

One of my biggest aims for this blog is to Motivate and Inspire people to go out there and defeat negativity every single day.

Another aim is to be comfortable being vulnerable. To wear my heart on my sleeve and not be afraid to say what needs to be said. To talk about parts of me I would not usually talk about. To get it all out there and enjoy the journey regardless of whether I get judged or not.

So this is a promise to be honest. A pledge to not feed you garbage like some self improvement gurus. I am not a self improvement Guru. I do love to motivate, not just for your benefit but for mine as well.

Motivating others motivates me

Along this journey we will learn, laugh, cry, feel absolutely motivated and sometimes we will feel sad. You would be able to tell from my writing what the feeling is that day. I can assure you, you will have an EXPERIENCE.

I will not willingly lie to you (sometimes mistakes happen). I will not take you for granted. I will do my very best to fill this blog every single week with good stuff.

My content is meant to do good. It should lift people up. That is what I want the most. Enjoy this journey with me.

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