30 startups launched out of the Escape School this Summer

This week our May-August cohort of brand new entrepreneurs graduated from the Escape School, here’s what their ideas have grown into after their 12-week Escape experience.

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Emily > PeachPear: Stylish, sustainable clothes for female cyclists

Mariana > Azgo Africa: Remarkable Rums from… Africa

Gopi > Coachzone: A new home for on demand career & life coaching

Hasmeen > The Drapery: Comfortable, confident clothes designed by you, made by us.

Natasha > Bakit: Everything you need to bake a beautiful cake

Johnny > JumpDesk: Popup Coworking Spaces in Unused Offices

Sarah > Succulence: An urban plant shop for hard-to-kill, good looking greenery.

Dan > Aydr: Making the administration of bereavement less painful.

Lauren > Wineguru: Drinking, made easier + Burn & Brew: Monthly workout club powered by local brews and gyms.

Lisa > And the Future: A 6 week bootcamp for a more conscious and sustainable life.

Lizzie > Keyber: Accompanied home-viewing services + 18/ten: Contemporary Kitchen Homeware

Martha > Freeman’s Tea: A new, premium blend of tea at a fair price.

Sheena > Pop’d: Healthy Grains, Tasty Snacks

Dom > Dress Left Club: Men’s online stylish, tailored suit service

Tash > Light Style Space: A decluttering service to simplify your life.

Andy > PaddleSafari: Extraordinary Adventures Near London

Beth > Hostel Hangout: Secure, social connections for travellers staying in hostels

Shari > Beauty Founder: Launch & Grow your lean beauty startup.

Cedric > Cashflow Positive: Help Startup CEOs with their cashflow

Josh > Helping carers find the elderly the right care home

Emma > E.M.Briar: Escaping law to make music and write books

Serena > Event House: Creating amazing events when you don’t have the time.

Harry > The Snack with No Name (yet): Vegan healthy, savoury snack

Oliver > Cassavas: Healthy Caribbean Food experiences in London

Iona > The Juggle: Helping Mum’s build startups between feeds

Kavi > Brand MOT: Helping grow lifestyle brands scale up

Louise > Humblebrag Handbooks: Reinventing HR Handbooks

Sadaf > Lone Rangers: Helping solo-founders stay focused, accountable and connected

Rahul > Briary: A wine app to sharpen your palette.

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Join me and the team on our next Startup Accelerator in September > Apply