(Nature’s) life is too short not to be building creative solutions to global problems

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animals since 1970

A major WWF report out today warns of a sixth mass extinction.

I find these kind of reports (and this one especially) to be the most depressing headlines. In one generation we’ve taken out over half the wildlife on earth! Its hard to get your head around.

I’ve followed and supported WWF since I was about 10 years old and have always admired their mission, people and resilience. But this feels like another level. Especially with an anti-nature new leader in Brazil where so much of the world’s ecosystems are already fragile.

So, what can we do?

Making changes in our own lives ( thanks to watching Cowspiracy, I’ve been eating a lot less meat in the last 2 years) are important but clearly nowhere near enough. The biggest thing we can do is with our careers. Through Escape the City I met a lot of people who wanted to ‘make a difference’ in their careers. But not everyone can work for WWF.

A good starting point if this is you, is to look at the major challenges in today’s world (not difficult) and then to decide which area you would most like to make an impact. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are a great starting point and you can go deep quickly (just a few hours) to find out the lay of the land: organisations, projects, and work opportunities.

Communities, incubators and schools like THNK, Unreasonable, Zinc, The Amani Institute, The Edmund Hillary Fellowship, and impact investment funds amongst many others are a part of a global eco-system of change-makers. But we clearly need a lot more people to join them to create more momentum to change the products we consume, the business models we use and the leaders we support.

Projects like Doughnut Economics, Atlas of the Future, Moving Worlds and the The Good Life Goals (a personal approach to the UN SDGs), & Cool Earth show us how we might change things for the better too.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing how social entrepreneurship when executed well can really create incredible impact.

One of the blockers for many social entrepreneurs I’ve met over the last 20 years is not the lack of ideas, will-power, connections or skills but the ability to stay focused, keep it simple and get the right help getting the work it done. Essentially, the same as any business or endeavour.

Join me

If you have an idea or are working on a startup to solve a real problem in the world and need peer-support, extra focus and some good old fashioned accountability then register to become a ‘tribe builder’ and depending what you tell me we’ll start something, together :)