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Ben Keighran
May 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Earlier this year I announced Caffeine, a new social broadcasting platform that’s simple to use, real-time and a lot of fun. The content our community is creating is truly amazing and we think it’s a great time to level up the entire experience.

Introducing 3D digital items — a new way to make money on Caffeine

Starting right now, broadcasters on Caffeine have the opportunity to earn money in a way that enhances broadcasts instead of detracting from the experience. Through the use of animated 3D items, viewers can purchase and use these items to enhance a broadcast and Caffeine will award the broadcaster Credits based on this activity. The broadcaster will soon be able to request to cash out Credits into real money. The best part: there’s no partnership required — this is open to everyone and your content won’t have to be exclusive to Caffeine.

You might be wondering why we decided to focus on digital items rather than take the more traditional advertising approach. We think there’s a greater opportunity for broadcasters to earn money this way than with advertising-based models for several reasons:

  1. Monetization through digital items is quickly gaining in popularity because it is more effective than other systems. Last year, we saw a number of companies starting to move in this direction, including the live streaming giant Huya, who just announced its successful IPO.
  2. Digital items allow fans and viewers to become part of the broadcast and the action. As a fan on Caffeine, you’ll be able to root for the broadcaster with a trophy or treasure chest, or remind them to heal themselves in the midst of gameplay with a health potion. Rather than having an ad interrupt the experience, digital items will actually enhance the experience by making it more interactive and fun.
  3. The Caffeine team are experts at creating software that is not only intuitive, but fun to use. The monetization system follows those same principles, and is designed to put more revenue in the pocket of broadcasters. It even offers a new revenue stream for game developers/publishers, who can earn a portion of the Caffeine revenue while their games are being played by Caffeine broadcasters.
  4. Unlike the revenue models of other streaming services, our system is open to everyone. You do not need to be a special Caffeine partner to earn money or use digital items, and your content is not exclusive to Caffeine. All you need to do is sign up and start broadcasting.
  5. It plays to the strength of our social platform. Our users enjoy Caffeine because they are with friends and can easily make new ones around common interests. Digital items gives you an exciting way to have more fun with the people you want to experience live entertainment with.

We can’t wait for you to give it a try and to let us know what you think. Send us your feedback at The entire team has worked really hard on this and we’re very excited to share it with everyone!

If you haven’t already, you can check out Caffeine at today or download our iPhone App. And of course, be sure to follow me on Caffeine too. ;-)

Ben Keighran
CEO at Caffeine

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