Berlin was wonderful. My only regret was missing a flight home due to an airport gate change. How could things turn out better for others?

I’ll discuss how the recognition over recall principle could improve the FlightView Tracker app.


I fly about four times per year. Not the savviest flyer... I’ve missed flights in the past. But I try not to make the same mistake twice.

Somewhere in Arizona. My photo. No my car.

Two years ago I took a leap of faith. I drove from Philadelphia to San Francisco. I had no job lined up and didn’t know anyone. I camped in a small tent along the way. Here’s what I learned.

9. Don’t waste time at a job you hate.

Routine is the enemy. If you hate what you’re doing with your life, STOP! You can change. Just do it. Most of us never start because we’re too afraid of unforeseen danger. Why aren’t we afraid of the consequences of inaction?

8. Whimsical surprise beats manufactured tourist traps.

Friends gave me lots of well-intended sight-seeing ideas. But the most beautiful sights found me. Not in a “this funny…

I recently attended a meet-up featuring Jessica Hische (@jessicahische). The Apple Store in downtown San Francisco hosted the event for free.

Jessica explained her creative process for lettering and illustration work. She taught us how to visualize ideas.

2015 was the year of Android at QVC

QVC saw more customers and sales growth on Android than any other platform. All despite neglecting the app’s UI for over a year. We wanted to overhaul the app to serve this growing market.


  • Optimize app for both Smartphone & Tablet screen sizes
  • Add “Sort” and “Refine” product search functionality
  • Add a “Gallery” product view with larger images
  • Introduce Google Material Design
  • Implement current company brand standards
  • Improve UX whenever possible

Team Roles

  • Ben Kennerly/author (UI Designer)
  • 1 Information architect
  • 1 Project manager
  • 1 In-house developer
  • Several offsite developers
  • 2 Junior Designers (joined late in project)

QVC worked with an outside group…

Today I’ll show how to present your mobile app prototype with a YouTube video inside a smartphone image. You can see an example here.

Videos ’er Great

Video-based prototypes are great for business stakeholder reviews and online portfolios. Placing your video inside a smartphone image provides rich context.

Hosting videos on YouTube means they’re accessible to anyone with an internet connection. YouTube has privacy settings to keep your prototype secret if needed.


Viewers can see motion graphics in full HD. Audio allows you to demo sound design concepts or narrate key sections.

(In Defense of the Smiley icon)

Ever notice yourself copying a friend’s hand gestures or speaking style during conversation?

We constantly seek other’s approval. Our similarities are the means of achievement. Similarities increase our level of trust and liking. I smile, you smile. Communication is all about mimicry.

While working towards a Master’s degree in Communication Studies, I took a fascinating course on Nonverbal communication. Our class read an excellent book, Honest Signals, by MIT professor Alex Pentland. His book identifies nonverbal signals and facial expressions that reveal honesty.

Pentland shows the tie between mimicry and liking with a Stanford University study measuring the effectiveness of a campus ad campaign. Stanford’s campaign featured…

Ben Kennerly

Product Designer. San Francisco Bay Area.

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