Developing ideas

I recently attended a meet-up featuring Jessica Hische (@jessicahische). The Apple Store in downtown San Francisco hosted the event for free.

Jessica explained the creative process she’s used to make amazing lettering and illustration work. She taught us how to visualize ideas.

We practiced by illustrating a children’s book cover. This starts as a wordlist.

Jessica’s wordlist generated from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

We illustrated our concepts using a single free-form letter drawn on an iPad.

Jessica’s iPad-drawn letterforms inspired from the wordlist above

I love drawing freeform doodles and elaborate charcoal studies. But sketching and wire framing for design don’t come naturally to me. I get too precious. Jessica’s sketching advice was a great reminder. Buck perfection. Draw and explore ideas. Quick iteration is the explicit goal in the early stages of an idea.

I came to the Bay Area to take part in the fusion of art and technology. There’s so many exciting events going on every week in San Francisco.

Yet I see many people burned out. It’s hard for to me to empathize. Most other cities just don’t have these opportunities.

I’m really glad to be here.