Holding a vote on same sex marriage in Australia is an attack on freedom.

Now I understand that is a very bold statement so let me explain. Australia is allegedly a free country, what that means is you can do anything you want until it impinges upon somebody else’s freedom. For example you cannot kill somebody as this deprives the other person of freedom to do what they want.

When a man and a woman (Steve & Sally) love each other and they get married there is no issue, a same sex couple (Cybil & Mary) can also have a civil union which gives them all the same legal protections and benefits as a married couple, just without the title “married”.

The argument we are now facing is whether or not the same sex couple can use the term “married”, now as far as I can tell if Jeff and Paul, or Mary and Cybil can call themselves “partners” or “married” it has no impact on Sally and Steve.

Now don’t get me wrong Steve and Sally might get offended, but this is like me getting offended if people are to wear red ties, offending somebody is not depriving them of freedom and therefore should be the right of any same sex couple.

Now as we do live in a free country, you may not agree with me, this is your right. We have freedom of speech.

A line is drawn when your speech may incite others to deprive me of my freedom, for example you can say you disagree with this post and will vote NO for same sex marriage, but you cannot say I should be killed for my views if this is likely to result in people carrying out such acts and thus depriving me of my freedom.

This view can be extended beyond same sex marriage, and in to other areas where the government has reached beyond their remit, for example:

  • If I want to ride a bicycle in NSW without a bell ($106 fine) I should be able too.
  • If I want to drink scotch in an inner Sydney bar after 10PM I should be able too.
  • If I want to bring a picnic chair to a park without applying for a permit I should be able to.
  • If I want to hold a street Christmas party without developing a safety plan and assigning a warden, I should be able too.