Whoever You Are

I thought i would keep this first post simple. Maybe give you a little taste. Flavor doesn't matter, nor do you have to genuinely want to read this. Then again who likes beer the first time around. I’m an acquired taste.

Ever know that one soul who can walk into a room and immediately spark a conversation with anyone? That’s the unconscious person that i am. Socially physically and emotionally I've developed a persona that can fit into any person’s box. I can’t say that I've figured this out over time. In fact, I've been in disbelief whenever one of my friends asks how did you do that?

What That is…..

Ive put my self in so many different situaions, its become obvious how to act towards certain people. For example..

I grew up on a 40 acre farm. I raised cattle as a boy, primed tobacco like a man, and roamed the woods like Huck Fin. Then passed the stone age, i found myself in front of my very own personal computer. Windows 95 and how glorious it was to behold. The internet, I never knew how much i hated a phone until dial up. From programming, to web development and design, to social media and how distant that made me feel from the world. All the years i spent on Napster and gaining a new love for music, that led to a love for dance. Yet i learned, soaked up what i could and moved on, all the while maintaining and updating myself as needed.

Then Came love, this broke the barrier between my bubble and the outside world while also breaking my heart. There was never a time in my life where i felt so alone. A year passed and at 18 i found that there were millions of people in this world. I found myself at my first night club in Raleigh NC. Fubar, and gees did it live up to its name. I learned that my Napster days of loving music and dance had paid off. I started a crew, and gained sponsorship to dance across Raleigh.

Food service industry… A must if you want to better communicate and learn to fit in to any crowd. I moved to Raleigh and soon learned that this industry was perfect for me. Fubar had given me the confidence i needed to approach anyone, as would any aged beer or liquor. Money was a priority in this industry, as well as service, which was all about communication. This i perfected fairly quickly. From listening to other conversations across the restaurant, i began to learn what made people tick. What it took to get a smile out of someone. How important just a simple refill or perfectly cooked steak made someone feel. People love being catered too, not that i loved catering, i had 99 problems but food service was not. The moral here is, you never know who is going to walk through the doors of a restaurant. There is no preparing for who you may meet next. Truth is it doesn't matter, they are there for one reason, and based on where they are you can figure out what that is.

Lets fast forward to today. Im back in the IT world as a product manager, and a single parent of my lovely 14 month old daughter Emerson Rose. I go out as often as i can and frequently meet and converse with as many people as possible.

The point, I work in an It industry. Although not everyone that works in the industry is your stereotypical geek or nerd, majority does rule. Although i do not come off as one, there are a lot of aspects and tendencies that i have or can have at work that would make me seem that way. In other words i fit in very well. There is a socal awkwardness to 90% of the people i work with. But regardless i love it. Makes for an interesting day.

On the other end, i can go out on a Friday night and hang with the B boys of Raleigh. Then on to a casual Saturday having an intellectual conversation with a business owner i met while grabbing a coffee… Stepping onto a basketball court and loving the game… Meeting a girl and immediately having similar interest. Can i say that all of this works out in the long run? no. But the environments are all so different how do i fit in at all?

I do not care to answer that question. Feel free to make your own assessment. Opinions are of no concern. I enjoy being who i am. I strive to meet you, and i yearn to learn from you Whoever You Are.