Getting married in order to afford a house.

You can see on the above chart that owning a home in most of America requires two jobs, no debt, one pet maximum, and most likely a loved one to contribute their income as well.

This all just to own the average priced home in your respective area. However when is the price of homes too high to buy? The best answer? When the average person can’t afford the average home in your area. This creates a affordability problem that can only be solved by dropping prices, lowered interest rates, or half criminal loan programs of our not to distant past.

So what happens next? It’s predictable actually. Like a rain drop hitting on a lake the ripples start to form.

Now it makes sense to take the train, bus, carpool to work because for only 30–60 extra commute time we can get twice the house for the same price.

This new market now has additional buyers and demand is growing. Pushing prices up higher and higher until those that grew up these now have to move further and further away just for the opportunity of home ownership.