Race Ahead, Remain Behind

Thus far in my convalenscence from an ACL surgery to repair the first ACL surgery, I have been eating too much, answering too many work emails, reading Bad English by Ammon Shea and Prelude to Bruiseby Saeed Jones, and watching Cosmos on Netflix. The news stories today about the big bang theory potentially being set aside for transdimensional movement of energy and matter via a 4D black hole event dovetail nicely with my week of thoughts on origin and intent vs result.

Meanwhile, the very idea of a universe brane billowing outward from some postulated event horizon is wild. Our universe as the reincarnation of a dying universe on another dimensional plane. At some point between the planes, the transfer — death to birth. Less a circle of life than a line. I immediately imagined — Perhaps the black holes are the worm holes and lead to the other levels of the dimensional string? Or is everything sucked in just churned out in new forms on the other side?

I almost want to watch Cosmos with several extremely dogmatic religious people. (Ones with bonafides, no tv or politics fascimilies.) I would listen to their reactions to the many facts Dr. Tyson shares in each installment of the docuseries. (They can rarely keep quiet when faced with inbound contradictions.) I would monitor their expressions and body language as evidence invaded their purpose locked minds. I would ask them no questions or pose no challenge. Knowledge does all the unlocking a dulled mind requires.

I possess rudimentary knowledge and understanding of astrophysics. I wish I could write stories and poems with light and, from the exosphere edge, flick them into the many rotations and revolutions of the void. (Morse code with a flashlight in remote sites would leave the atmosphere corrupted. Or encrypted, depending on your intent/result.) They would race ahead and remain behind.

Home on the couch with your braced leg propped up and iced has its moments.

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