Some of the best companies constantly transform themselves and their fundamental business focus to keep themselves relevant:

  • Google is moving from a Search company to an AI company
  • Facebook is moving from a Social Network company to a VR company
  • Tesla is moving from an Automotive company to a Renewable Energy company
  • Amazon and Alibaba moved from an eCommerce companies to become Data companies

It’s as if when they solve one problem they move to the next. But I don’t see this even in the largest of marketing agency groups. We keep wanting to do more and better marketing. Which is not wrong. Google does keep improving search. …

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I’ve been imagining for a while now that VR could one day replace most, if not all, physical offices. After watching Facebook’s latest demo of Oculus, I’m even more certain that it would.

The purpose of an office, according to Jacob Morgan, is to:

I believe VR can easily replicate most of the above. Imagine appearing as your avatar in a meeting room with everyone else all while sitting on your living room sofa. When you’re done, you can take off the headset and go back to working on your laptop at home. …

Since we are on the edge of an AI revolution, I am therefore of the belief that there are only three broad business models that matter.

  1. Businesses that hire humans to do things AI can’t. But this is the worst of the three options as all they’re doing is buying time. AI will inevitably be able to do most, if not all, of human-skilled work.
  2. Businesses that own AI “workers”. They don’t necessarily have to build the AI but they own them. …

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