Why are marketing agencies not transforming?

Some of the best companies constantly transform themselves and their fundamental business focus to keep themselves relevant:

  • Google is moving from a Search company to an AI company
  • Facebook is moving from a Social Network company to a VR company
  • Tesla is moving from an Automotive company to a Renewable Energy company
  • Amazon and Alibaba moved from an eCommerce companies to become Data companies

It’s as if when they solve one problem they move to the next. But I don’t see this even in the largest of marketing agency groups. We keep wanting to do more and better marketing. Which is not wrong. Google does keep improving search. Amazon keeps improving eCommerce. But at a certain point they invest in other areas in hopes of discovering new cash cows and blue ocean. Amazon’s bet on AWS is a good example.

Clearly the marketing agencies have milked marketing to the point of saturation and maturity. So what’s next?