Nano Blocks Released 🎉

I’m excited to announce that today, Apple approved the Nano Blocks app. It’s available for free in the Apple App Store. The source code is also open source.


  • Create and manage multiple Nano accounts
  • Send and receive Nano
  • View transaction details in the in-app block viewer
  • Store account addresses for later use
  • Generate and scan address QR codes
  • FaceID and TouchID support
  • Export account seed to encrypted zip
  • Support for multiple currency conversions
A few of the screens in the app

Open Source

Feel free to contribute to the project since it’s now open source. For those wondering why it wasn’t already open source, I held off on that until I released the app to make sure no one bamboozled me by releasing it before it was actually ready.

Thanks to all of those who helped with the project including Göran from Canoe for lending Canoe’s backend, my friend Dustin (ed25519 signature modification code), all localization contributors, beta testers, and my girlfriend, Lynna for supporting me through the development process. Of course, this project is on-going, and any issues found will be addressed.

Donations are always welcome, and very much appreciated:


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