Benjamin Shown

Aug 29, 2017

9 min read

Deconstructing Digital Design’s Tastiest Recipes

From skeuomorphism to chatty AIs, the paradigms of interactive platforms

Chef David Chang interplays the exotic and the familiar
Four major platform paradigms of digital experiences

Explaining Technology / 1990s-2000s

Steve “You’ll Want to Lick Them” Jobs

Content is King / 2000s-2010s

King content from the guy who coined ‘content is king’ in ’96
Crafted and coherent transition states in service of UX is a key tenant of what we do at Tectonic

Give Me Context / 2010s-present

Tectonic client project: context is king in this wearable concept from 2014

Let’s Talk / 2010s-present

Amazon’s Alexa wants to chat
Quartz news app
Flux: a Tectonic design experiment around ephemeral conversations

In Conclusion

Tectonic’s Boston studio in Inman Square Cambridge