How Ben Landa and Bent Philipson Manage Sentosacare LLC?

How Home healthcare agencies operate?

As people get older they may sign up for home health care agency services that provide a level of service in between visiting doctors independently and staying in a nursing home or hospice center. How home health care services operate and what the typical flow of business is can be confusing to many and this article will help to identify the typical process.

Signing Up for Home Health Care

Most people sign up for home healthcare when they visit a doctor or a hospital who recommends this level of care. These medical professionals will recommend an agency that they are familiar with, such as Sentosacare, and the patient or their relatives will contact the homecare entity to schedule an assessment meeting. As Ben Landa and Bent Philipson manage one of the top healthcare agencies in New York. When this assessment meeting occurs, a nurse will perform an assessment of the patient and provide a recommended course action including home care services of a certain frequency and duration or rejecting the patient for care, either due to an advanced or insufficient condition for home care services.

Visits by a Home Health Aide

The home health aide will then arrive at your home and typically will call their agency (such as Sentosacare) from your phone number to confirm their arrival at your home. They will stay in your home for the prescribed time which can be twenty-four-hour care or just a few hours of care. During this time period, the patient will receive care based on their plan which may include assistance with cooking and bathing, providing medication application, shopping, basic exercises and movements, and providing some basic social interactions with the patient. The level of care can vary significantly based on the condition of the patient. When the home health care aide’s shift is over they will call their agency and be replaced with another aide, if necessary.

Payment for the Agency Service

For many people, the cost of home care is paid through a Medicare or Medicaid plan. For individuals who don’t qualify for these services under these plans, there are options for private pay through health insurance or out of pocket. Spend time to understand your financial service and don’t be afraid to contact the care agency for advice and assistance, as they have a significant amount of experience in handling billing issues.

Home health care is a necessary service for those who are debilitated by an injury or illness or simply due to the natural aging process. Contact a homecare professional to understand your or your loved one’s eligibility for these services.