Creating Personas

A guide, not a template

Persona Worksheet

Section one: First Impressions

Profile Photo

  • Are they at home or work?
  • Are they surrounded by kids or tucked up on the coach alone?
  • Are they confident or intimidated when faced with technology?
  • Do they like crisp suits or hand-knitted jumpers?

Name & Role


  • Don’t make the quotes up; use actual things your users have said to you in interviews. Your team can smell a phoney quote a mile away.
  • Pick a quote that is relevant to your project, product or service.
  • Keep the quotes short, no longer than a tweet.


Section two: Motivations and Behaviour

User goals

  • Prospective students aren’t looking for a university degree; they are looking for a well-paying job.
  • Office workers don’t want a coffee; they want an excuse to leave the office and chat with friends twice a day.
  • Fast food consumers don’t want a pizza; they want to feel better after a shitty day.


  • Areas where the user gets frustrated, lost or confused
  • Areas where the user is happy or entertained
  • Steps that feel unnecessary or could be easily automated

Motivation vs. ability

  • What motivates a user
  • What inhibits a user
  • What triggers them to purchase
  • Assess your product and industry and try a place your product on the motivation vs. ability scale.

Section three: Influencers

Section four: Environment

  1. On their phone, hurriedly trying to transfer money onto their debit card because they are next in line at the shop.
  2. On the couch at home, with the TV on in the background, while they go over their budgets for the week.
  3. At an ATM, trying to set a new pin while others in line become impatient.
  1. In the kitchen on an iPad, hands dirty, trying to find out if they should add 2 eggs or 3.
  2. At the supermarket on their phone making sure they have all the ingredients in their basket for tonight’s dinner.
  3. On a laptop at work at 5:15pm trying to figure out what to cook for dinner that everyone will like.

Section five: The Persona Family

  • Hybrid Teams & Remote Collaboration
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Effective Outsourcing & Automation
  • Hiring & Onboarding



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