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Magic: In Search of the Perfect Ratings System

Why we have such a hard time codifying our favorite restaurants.

If Restaurants Are the Entertainment, They’re Going to Get a Lot More Expensive

So, restaurants have moved from being the thing you do before or after you see a show to the show…

The Peak-End Rule and Understanding Jam-Packed Bad Restaurants

I am, in a totally irrational way, deeply offended by mediocre restaurants. They are worse than plainly awful…

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Rumblings and Ramblings on Current Television

Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman on Crafting a Scene 

Ken Friedman is the co-owner of the Spotted Pig, The Breslin, The John Dory and Salvation Taco in New York. He is the Don King to his chef…

Overhauling the New Yankee Stadium

In May, I posted “House of Steinbrenner,” the gist of which was that win or lose in 2012 (they lost), historically it’s been exponentially more fun being…