Burner Accounts, a Thing of the Now

Due to the fact that people who have jobs for the most part have to be professional on Twitter, it is difficult for some people to voice their natural or true opinions. With burner accounts people often use them to retaliate to comments directed towards them. They can also be used to use more hostile language and voices than a person would with their real account.

He accidentally throws shade on his real account
Kevin Durant is one of the most notable athletes to use them.

Forming a fake personality can become overwhelming

It is not so much as creating a fake personality, but more of a problem with people hiding behind a screen. People you would not expect to do it.

Famous people often face the most scrutiny when caught with a burner account because they are the people you expect don’t need to do stuff like that.

However, if professionals in the most popular leagues are using these burner accounts, then they exist all over with average everyday people. So much hate can generate from all sorts of burner accounts that go unnoticed


Burner accounts are now a reality we must face where even the most famous people try to use them to voice their true opinions about things without giving away their identity. When caught, as seen, serious hate or consequences can and will ensue from the people. After these specific examples shown, burner accounts will now be micro managed by people in the social media world.