My Life With No Social Media

On leaving my online friends and followers behind the last 30 days.

The most common questions people ask me since I abandoned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat last month are:

  • “How is it?”
  • “What is life like with no Facebook?”
  • “How do you live?”

For me it’s easy. I left social media behind cause I wasn’t really enjoying it that much. I love my friends on there but I hated all the noise and distraction.

The fact that I was habitually checking my phone and my default was popping open one of many social media apps was a sign that I was addicted.

I signed up for Facebook the first day they allowed University of Miami kids to join. I downloaded Instagram the first day it was released. I’m an OG social media guy. According to my Buffer account I’ve shared 3,889 articles over the years!?! (Holy shit I’ve read a lot of blog posts)

I liked to tell myself that I wasn’t in it for the likes or the retweets but the first thing I’d always look at was the notifications, “who loves me enough to validate my contribution?”

I think our online culture has become servants to the like buttons. Dependent on the retweets. Obsessed with our view counts. Reliant on shares to support our self importance.

Is that what really matters?

Has anyone put their social media stats on their grave stone yet?

When you visit your family during the holidays do you show them your top 10 most liked posts of the year?

For me the answer is hell no!

When I meet up with people now, it’s an old school catch up. We have no idea what’s been happening in each other’s lives. It makes conversations fun and there’s no feelings of “I love you as a person but haven’t liked anything you’ve posted online recently — it’s not you, it’s just the Facebook algorithm.”

I don’t miss social media. My friends have my email, they have my cell number. I don’t have any FOMO about not participating in social media.

Also with the hours a week I’ve taken back from mindlessly scrolling through my phone I’ve been able to:

  • Start writing again
  • Be more present in my conversations
  • Take longer walks with my dogs
  • Go a whole day without charging my iPhone
  • Create without wondering what other people will think
  • Read articles without asking myself “should I share this?”

I’m not going to preach that everyone needs to leave social media, I’m just glad that I did it.

All this said, moving forward I’m not completely exiling myself. I’ll check in from time to time but I like my life better without the tether, pressure and noise that I felt while being active on social media.

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