Its Ok To Ask For Help

Ben Linn
2 min readApr 24, 2024
Ask For Help (Brett Jordan

One of the biggest daily challenges we face is seeking help, which applies to various areas such as work, school, relationships with friends and family, and mental health. Help entails making things easier by offering resources or services.

Help is a two-way street that can be challenging for all of us to navigate when asking for it. The first hurdle we encounter is the feeling of being a burden, whether to an individual or to the situation itself. However, this perception is often far from reality. We find a time when they are not busy and ask if they are available to help us. This also gives them a chance to be of service.

Ego often convinces us that we’re better off alone than with others. We may think, “I got myself into this mess; I can get myself out of it.” However, true collaboration requires deflating one’s ego and being vulnerable enough to approach others. This fosters a working environment where individuals can support and assist each other effectively.

The last and most significant obstacle that arises from all of these challenges is fear. Fear grips and paralyzes us, keeping us stuck and unable to grow. When we can’t grow personally, we also hinder our ability to flourish and contribute to the betterment of others. Achieving our best selves involves overcoming this fear, a process that isn’t easy and requires lifelong practice. The more we practice overcoming fear, the more we can help others escape the burden of fear, break free from isolation, and move towards growth and support.