Dashboard Version Two

Releasing our first dashboard was scary. We received a lot of positive feedback, people love transparency. Unsurprisingly, each person suggested different metrics to add, remove, change. If I listened to everyone’s feedback, the dashboard would include at least 100 metrics and provide us very little value.

Too lazy to read? New dashboard link.

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m aware that the first dashboard was very basic. To be honest, we have a second dashboard with a lot more metrics in it, but it doesn’t explain very much.

I believe that the “one metric that matters” concept provides much more value. It’s not an easy metric to decide on and is supposed to change at times. Focusing the company around the OMTM is infinitely more effective than around multiple metrics. It’s much easier for us to prioritize our development and marketing if we know exactly what we’re trying to grow.

I’m not going to share a revamped dashboard with millions of metrics. Instead, I’ve given more thought to the original OMTM we chose. Without a doubt, it’s not the right one for us as of now. It was fitting for the period when we were focusing all our efforts on the map creation process. But we’ve moved past that.

Our OMTM needs to be centered more around the future value we have as a company. For us, it’s “content.” The crowdsourced data on our maps: places, events, jobs or any other type of content added to the maps. That’s where our long term value stands. I’ll go deeper into that in a future post.

Everything we do as a company leads to that number. The more maps, engagement, traffic, the more content will be added to the platform.

Here’s our brand new dashboard. You can still access the previous one here. We’re now using both of them at the office :)

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