Day 5

Today was another long day of work, but at least we did more than just move dirt! First we stopped at porch’s other property in town to bring a bunch of wood up to their wood shop. From there we went back to the same site as yesterday.

We were joined by another missions group called “dirty feet” a group of 10ish girls who come down to work for six weeks.

With them we were able to split the group up and accomplish more tasks. I stayed with the people who continued to move dirt, but also broke apart and moved rocks down from the site too. We made some good progress with this and the rock destroying specialist was a huge help in getting rid of some of the boulders at the site. I’m not sure what the other group did exactly because they were in a different area but I assume it was important. During one of the dirt runs Arielle, Destiny and I dug out some stairs going down from the site to the road to help everyone get dirt and rocks down with slipping. The path is all sand/dirt so I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last before we have to redo it, but it’s a start.

Also during the day a couple leaders of the group took one of the children to a private clinic to get looked at. This girl was born prematurely and only weighed 2 lbs and had underdeveloped lungs forcing her to spend the first two years of her life in the hospital. She still has trouble breathing so Nancy brought down an inhaler. They were able to get this girl treatment for her lungs and it helped tremendously.

On the way back we stopped along the side of the road to get. pictures of lake atitlan. These came out incredibly and I can’t wait to share them later.

After a well needed shower it was dinner time, this evening right at Solomon’s porch. We had a burrito with some sort of Alfredo sauce. Then it was over to a bar with Arielles friend rose, a wonderful and fascinating British woman who moved down here a year ago to change her life. I had a few glasses of wine and some Jagger bombs that were bought for me for my birthday.

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