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‘You’re so talented!’

It’s something I’ve heard over and over again in my short photographic journey since turning professional 4 years ago. I don’t tell you that to gloat. If anything the comment makes me feel prickly and uncomfortable every time I hear it, no matter who it comes from as I don’t think it's true.

I’ve never seen myself as talented or gifted or any of the other adjectives that are used to describe any working creative who’s had some form of success. Even though I’m fortunate (when we’re not battling a global pandemic) to travel the globe and work with some of the best athletes in the world, I’ve never once thought of myself as talented. I’ve achieved what I have in my short career, not through talent, not by some god given gift or worse(!) …

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Creativity is a funny one. On one hand over the past few years, I’ve grown a deeper understanding of creativity. Its something I’m proud of and something that I love to be able to talk about with people who want to look further than the surface level of their photographic work. On the other side, that discussion is a hard one to have. In the past 18 months I’ve used YouTube to dump my thoughts out of my head and share them with an audience that continues to slowly expand but one thing I’ve always found difficult in doing on YouTube, was discussing deeper creative thinking. A lot of people, myself included, go to YouTube to learn about Shutter Speeds, ISO and how to gain accreditations rather than looking for a better understanding of how their creativity will help them improve. They want the magical potion that takes them from step 1 to step 87. …


Ben Lumley

Ben Lumley is a UK based sports and portrait photographer. He works regularly in major national and international sports and with clients

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