The murder of George Floyd is a turning point in history. His horrific killing at the hands of white police officers, as a singular act, is grotesque and horrifying, and all four police officers should be charged with first or second degree murder in my opinion.

But make no mistake, this was the catalyst for intense expression of anger of deep wounds and trauma, not a protest about this singular event alone. If you don’t understand that point to begin with, you really are missing the point.

So, lets start with a few points about the Unites States. African…

Nothing more than musings, not Opinion

Lovely, warm home times… my cuddle buddies and Frozen II

For me this past month, and for perhaps many months more depending on where you were in the world when the COVID-19 crisis reached its tentacles into your daily life — this has felt like a moment. A real moment.

A moment to collectively pause in macro slowing down, staying at home a whole lot more, and actively reflecting on the world we live in and whether it might be time to renegotiate the terms of the arrangement.

The terms of our existence and cohabitation with our natural environment, of how we treat ourselves…

Opinion piece by Ben Mallinson

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Super Tuesday is done. Despite what you might garner from the news coverage of Joe’s very SUPER Tuesday, where he undoubtedly did very well, Biden is ahead of Bernie Sanders by less than 50 delegates as of right now. At the end of counting and allocating delegates across all states, which could take weeks, particularly in California, it is likely to be a lot closer. It’s even possible at the end of it that Bernie may end up slightly ahead.

But one thing is clear — this is definitely a two man race between Bernie and Joe from here on…

Opinion piece by Ben Mallinson

The primary season to select the Democratic presidential nominee who will go up against Donald Trump in November 2020 is well underway.

Bernie Sanders’ surge in popularity happened very late in the campaign season, which meant that he and his record went relatively un-scrutinised until late too.

Roll the clock forward and he has won the popular vote in the Iowa caucuses, he narrowly won the New Hampshire primary, and won the Nevada caucuses on 15 February with 47% percent of the vote and a whopping 26% lead over one-time-favourite, Joe Biden, in a distant…

Give me a break!

If you’ve been following the crowded and drawn out US Democratic primary race recently, you’ll have seen the barrage of polls and news stories making the ‘electability’ case for Joe Biden as the only viable option to go up against Trump in the 2020 presidential race.

This premise seems to ignore the kinds of dirty, kick-you-in-the-guts-while-you’re-on-the-ground tactics we can be sure the White House incumbent will use against his opponent, and what is needed to combat that.

Think back to the day of the second 2016 presidential debate when Trump, in an effort to smear Hillary’s campaign, held a press…

Eyes open. At an opening of a cave in a jagged cliff face, where kings and queens might well be buried.

It sits atop a long, stone staircase of one hundred or so steps, bathed in warm and bright golden sunlight.

Eighty meters or so ahead of the bottom stair, the flat, dusty ground suddenly ends with another cliff face, and the transparent, red and blue sky can be seen in the background.

Perhaps one hundred meters to the north-east stands an altar, atop of a triangular shape of mud bricks, with a single flame burning, the golden sun gleaming…

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

At the beginning of our journey on this earth, we are alone; we enter the world with our senses overwhelmed, having been plucked from the womb of our mother— our own private world up until that point — to be orientated to this world of earthly desires.

We are alone, until a few moments later, and we are held, nurtured, and at the mercy of those who first witness our precious life, with our own unique journey ahead of us, and our own footprints to pave in this silly life.

Similarly, as we find our own way — or lose…

I remember reading Meg Jay’s, ‘The Defining Decade’, an ode to the perils of “your twenties — why they matter — and how to make the most of them now”, when I was a… well… twenty-something young man.

If you ask me to remember the specifics — well, that’s a different story; no doubt there was plenty of wine involved in my avid reading.

But I do remember feeling validated that the catechism of a frenzied nature, endless insecurities, and questionable life decisions, that so defined my own twenties was, in fact, all perfectly normal madness, and that more peaceful…

There is always a friend waiting, wherever you go…

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

On a bitterly cold London winters morning on January 16, 2013, I left the apartment I had been staying at in Tooting Broadway. I trotted off with my Kathmandu bag on my back. Although I had set off with hours to spare, a series of wrong stops on the London tube meant I arrived at Gatwick airport only in the nick of time to catch my flight.

Five hours later, I arrived in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. …

Image: Christchurch City Council

I was recently pondering the transformational leadership of Nelson Mandela, who in 1994 became the first black President in the post-apartheid, multi-racial democracy of South Africa. Disappointment set in as I considered many of the political leaders of our current age by comparison.

There is no shortage in our world of nations deeply divided across multiple lines and a leadership void that so often fails to unify people around a common vision. The politics of Donald Trump’s America have often stoked divisions rather than dissipate them. …

Ben Mallinson

I write opinion pieces and short stories, with interests in current affairs, leadership and career development. Experience in public, private and not-profit.

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