When is the best time to drink coffee?

There is one right way to drink coffee and that is freshly roasted but when is the best time of day to drink coffee?

Research in 2013 by Steven Miller of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland — it’s not right after you wake up. Wait at least an hour or two after you wake up when your cortisol levels start to drop.

You’re probably already aware that our bodies run on an internal, 24-hour hormonal cycle called the circadian clock. The circadian clock controls a lot of things, but for coffee drinking purposes know that the circadian clock schedules your body’s cortisol production — the hormone that makes us feel more awake. If you want to give yourself a little boost with some freshly roasted coffee, wait an hour or two when production levels of cortisol have dropped.

At Sumato Coffee Co., we want you to repeatedly experience that moment of excitement when you get your Sumato Coffee subscription package delivered to your doorstep every week or two with a fresh roast date handwritten on the bag. We want you to brew coffee your way and inhale the aroma of the freshest coffee you have ever smelled.

Coffee is at its peak freshness within 14 days of the roast date.

Notice the Roast Date on the coffee bag

Drink your coffee in the late morning or early afternoon. Be smart about your coffee and take a break from whatever you are doing and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Back in 1952 America coined the term “coffee break” from a Pan American Coffee Bureau ad campaign that urged workers to get a coffee break and a break from their work. Even by 1964, the United Auto Workers negotiated a 15 minute coffee break into their union contract. What a deal!

The coffee break was intended to be a break from whatever you were doing and get a caffeine jolt. The problem is that big coffee companies focused more on the caffeine jolt than they did the quality and taste of the coffee. This why we have Folgers coffee and coffee being brewed out of plastic pods. Good for the caffeine, bad for the taste of coffee. Coffee is communal and bonding happens over a cup of coffee at a coffee break. When quality coffee is served, quality conversations happen.

When is the last time you were excited to drink the coffee in your office? Were you drinking coffee because of the taste or the caffeine jolt? Pay more attention to your internal 24-hour circadian clock when you are looking for your next cup of coffee.

Workers taking a coffee break