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I recently had all my camera stolen except for one prime 50mm (canon 1.4), so this article is timely for me. The 6D was purchased used: the previous owner was switching to Sony mirrorless, with most of the it being for video. He mentioned that for low light photos, DSLR is still better (mainly because of the lenes). The body of the camera is important for me, I have fairly large hands; small cameras start hurting my fingers trying to grip them. I LOVED the 6D’s body — fit perfectly in my palm. The ‘image’ of the camera I suppose is important too. When I see shooters with these tiny cameras I often assume they’re not at a professional level, but I’m realizing the final image quality is just a good. Really it comes down to where your heart is, and how much work you’re willing to put into the craft. Any camera can capture magic.

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