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It’s clear nobody can reach Donald J. Trump except himself. I was hoping Melania could be a check on his worst impulses, but, nope.

Here’s an idea (and what I’m working on — daily — will have an article to post on here soon): we need to empower those around him to be strong, speak out and when necessary make a stand against Trump. We should have focus on his cabinet and agencies under pressure — to show them a vast majority of Americans support them doing the right thing.

What’s the right thing? What is the proper course of action for our nation’s future?


This is an idea to build the nation’s first OPEN SOURCE style platform — where everyone can be involved in sharing their ideas and working together to create a community vision. A vision for the nation.

If you can stand reading a mess of notes, the ‘about’ page has some ideas and how to make our collective ideas a REALITY. I’ve done ‘advocacy’ work for nonprofits for nearly 17 years now; I don’t want just another org that basically comes down to a ‘lets do something and feel better about ourselves’ effort. I want to build a movement around this idea — a national vision we all can create — and implement this Platform with community-created Initiatives and Campaigns. The organization can become a publicly directed ‘Ad Council’ + project management / marketing agency where it’s efforts are directed by the public at large via a ‘weighted direct democracy’ model for voting on decisions within the effort.

I’ve been doing this work since college — but instead of being directed by a client, well, everyone can become my client. And everyone can become a part of the organization, create individual campaigns or funding drives to create actual solutions — on a national and community-level.

Back where I started on reaching Trump… imagine an outgoing campaign (web/social/ads/events) that had a loudspeaker where ever he and his opinion leaders went. A message that told them their action are going against this community vision. (I jumped of of my chair when I heard John Oliver was going to start running some ads on FOX News — yes!!!) Or, I’m trying to stay positive: a message that told them there is a better way.

Everything I’m proposing is possible — I’m pretty sure. But just as the very fabric of what this community vision becomes, so can the foundation for which ‘Vision for America’ as an open organization is built. Instead of a ‘brand’ controlled by political interests, we create a movement to end politics and let ideas trump ideology (zing!).

So yeah, I have a few ideas, but I’m more interested in hearing yours. is now running a (mostly decent) proof-of-concept site that as of right now, any citizen can contribute their ideas, whether in a single comment (which can be powerful in itself) or you can create a page on the site and publish your ideas such as in an article or art. Make a video to inspire others (note to self). This can become a dedicated area for honest discussion and ideas to create — and impliment — an inspiring vision for our future.

What do you think? Worst case senerio, maybe I can launch my stand-up comedy career. I tried it once and totally bombed. Or maybe I’ll stick to creating websites and taking a few fun photos.

Or maybe we can start the Second American Revolution. Together.