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This is pretty scary. With ongoing and even stronger heat waves (or freezes) we could see massive crop failures that disrupts… everything.

Addressing and making actual changes to prevent a climate disaster is the most important thing we should be working on. Under Democrats there wasn’t going to be enough done to stop a meltdown, but now under Republican control we’re going in the complete opposite direction, possibly sealing humanity’s fate as the chain-reaction of carbon tipping points (such as the massive amounts of stored tunda methane) overwhelm the planet.

But there is a lot that still can be saved, including ourselves. Even if there is runaway climate change, we must take actions now to help minimize future problems, and we can even profit from them today.

Of course investing in clean energy must be a top priority. If it were not for the massive subsidies to oil, coal and nuclear, we would be running off 100% renewable energy 10 years ago. Yet despite the handouts and holdbacks, the price of clean energy is dropping by the day and employing more people. This is great for our economy, as well as our bodies. Let’s not forget: burning of fossil fuels is toxic to all life. A switch to electric motors would save oil (which will still have a use) while cleaning our air and cut down on the public health costs associated with burning oil and coal. Imagine the smell of flowers in the air, instead of fumes.

There could be a few volumes filled on how going green would be great for everyone. But the people who would benefit the most are the ones in most jeapody: the animal people. We have already pushed nearly every species on the planet to the brink. Climate change is only going to make things worse — and it already is happening.

Here’s perhaps the saddest part of this story we are collectively writing: the damage we are doing to the environment is completely unnecessary. Humanity has gotten smart enough to figuire out how to not wipe out entire forests to build homes. Humanity does not need livestock and farms to consume such massive amount of land to feed ourselves. We can give back to nature, and still surive. Even more to the point: by having vibrant forests, rolling plains and gardens within walking distance, we can thrive and give all life a fighting chance against the coming storms we face.

Make no mistake, there is no escaping the consequences of the mistakes we have made. But while we still have a stable base to build from, we can begin preparing now for the coming challenges, both physically and spirtitually.

If there were two words to define our path forward is it sustainability and community. Communities that can sustain themselves.

With the tools of communication we have today, nearly any goal is possible. Anything can be achieved, if we choose it.

If anything, the climate crisis we face may be one of the greatest things to happen for humanity. For now we have a real, if not urgent reason to look past borders, to speak through divides, find common ground and create solutions we all can benefit from. For now, we have a path forward to put an end to our destructive ways that have lingered for far too long. Planting trees and creating gardens benefits the body as well as the soul. Renewing our connection with nature can co-exist and even improve the rise of technology — as does the flow of a stream smooth the rocks, time in the wild can sharpen the mind and spark creativity.

We need to be out our very best for the work ahead. We can — we must choose the path of cooperation now, and show those who must change that this is the better way.