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hello I have done hours of research on restoring data from .zepto encrypted files.

I have read information saying the files are read deleted and replaced by the encrypted file with the .zepto files extension.

This is false information because I have ran RAW data recovery on the original drive. I could not recover any of the data because the was no deleted data.

I called a reputable data recovery firm and they can recover the data but they can not recover the data with out paying the ransom first and ransom is not 0.5 BCT It`s 3.0BCT.

The only way to recover data from the for free is to wait for the master decryption key that well enable anti-virus software firms quickly write a free tool to recover the data.

So now my question is how long well millions of people to wait for this key to come out the hackers making millions from this virus.

Generating the master key may not be possible.

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