“Before a man’s downfall, his mind is arrogant, but humility precedes honor” (Proverbs 18:12)

Arrogance is seen often in this evil world. We might have come across people who display this wrong attitude. Solomon warns that arrogance is a sign of a person’s downfall. History testifies to it. Many powerful individuals and mighty nations have become nothing because of their arrogance. Babylon is one fine example of their haughtiness and downfall. Surely, our God detests those who are arrogant. The above verse further says, ‘humility precedes honor’. Indeed, when we are humiliated for the sake of Christ, God will honor us in the due time. Thus, humility precedes honor. Even Jesus was humiliated when he came into this world, but his second coming will be glorious! He will rule this world and judge the nations. Hence, let us not be arrogant, but realize that all our meekly experience will pave way for the glorious future. Amen!

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