Fire yourself, it will feel great; not for the reasons you think.

I think of the world as a simple set of steps. You’re born, you’re raised well or badly and you become whatever you become today. You then earn dollars by working some sort of work in order to pay for things you need like food and a roof from rain.

Then you just meander through that mess of errands and duties and die.

You only live once, it’s said over and over and most recently it resonated to me in a Macklemore song oddly enough, where it’s repeated twice in a row. Makes you think. I’ll say it again, you only live once. Think about it. This is it.

What you do is pretty fucking important not to anyone else but to yourself. What you experience and absorb, learn, give, get — that shit’s one time and one time only. Like damn. I grew up well off, college paid for, had a great family surrounding me with love and was blessed to be given a “good” education streetwise/bookwise.

I joined the corporate working slavery association about when I was 23, after graduating Suma Cum Laude- Fraternity boy. I didn’t have visions of greatness, I thought hmm maybe law school or maybe something cool like a doctor, ya that’ll be it!

Nope. Too lazy for that focus. So what do I do? I’m money hungry. I decided I better figure out a way to enjoy the most of my one life and I decided to inch my way into business, first it was reselling electronics, ebay, amazon, craigslist flips, then it was online website/app ventures that all fell by the way side.

A few friends of mine were getting jobs in staffing and I was a project engineer at a construction company otherwise known as hell on earth. I considered joining what they were into so I interviewed around at a few companies with no such luck. I ended up in a few dead end sales roles that paid commission and ya some months were fun to take home $5k etc etc.

At about 28 I realized a simple fact. Whether you’re all about money or not, I don’t give a shit, but the bottom line of it is, you will never get rich working for someone else. I’ll say it again. YOU WILL NEVER, EVER NOT ONE TIME, GET RICH WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

This resonated when I was laid off from a sales organization I worked for. It hit me like a ton of bricks how disposable the workforce is. So, in essence, they fired me, but in reality I fired myself. I fired my mindset, I relit my flame, I started networking, I started a facebook group that blew up with job seekers and staffing clients and I made a website and a company LLC, and all of a sudden there it was. I built a staffing agency.

I pay myself today. In checks, scalable to the level I want to work at. I’m a recruiter. I run my own agency that I control every single aspect of. It feels good. The message? Take what you will from this, but for me recruiting and my new mindset was the best thing that ever happened to me. There’s a pathway out there for everyone. I fired myself. I fired my old mindset.