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Bennet Schwartz
Sep 5 · 3 min read

Fashion uses a combination of many elements to get the best out of these clothes. There are always few current trends, styles and new clothing collection running in the market along with past variety. Users are always looking to give a unique perspective to their dressing styles and want to be seen better every day. Fashion Designers acquire skills and use their experience to lay their own concepts in these designer clothes. You can also make a smart career in this glamorous industry with smart online fashion designing courses. Bennet Schwartz an Australian fashion designer who designed various collections for both men and women.

There are many elements of Fashion that as a Professional you must understand. Here is a list of these elements with their specific elaboration:

Design Lines: Lines are almost part of each design in Fashion. They may be straight, diagonal or with curves as the cloth or fabric offers their views. Waistline, neckline, hemline etc are an example where clothes have specific seams. These lines are combined together in the clothes for an impeccable visual presentation of the collection. Straight lines provide a slim view, Curved lines a spherical view while horizontal makes the whole broadness of the dress. These lines can be one-sided or symmetrical based on the overall design but it must give users a suitable presentation for their own style.

Body Shape: Each individual is built differently and has their own unique shape. In Fashion, clothes are designed with specific shapes in mind. These categories are Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Square, round, and hourglass. These shapes define the clothing style of every individual and give identity to their personality as well. Fashion garments are designed and crafted with shape in mind for which professional skills and learning is a must.

Colour: It is one of the primary things one sees when they are a lookout for buying clothes. Colors can have different sort of combination, types, and categories that are matched together for the final presentation of the clothes. Lightness, darkness, Intensity (Bright or dull), their balance, and arrangements need to behave precise balance that catches the eye of the user. Being the first impression Colors have a lot of importance as an element of Fashion. Black and White Color, Warm Colors, Cool Colors, Bright, Dark and dull colors types are there with their unique perspective they offer to the viewer’s eye.

Fabric: The fabric of the cloth must be chosen wisely as it defines the feel of wearing on the body. Stiffness, softness, appearance from afar, and its visual effect on the wearer. Weaving effect on the fabric and then specific preparations to the final presentations everything must be considered before choosing the fabric of the clothes from Fashion designers. The texture of the fabric can have a certain effect on individuals for which they are designed accordingly. Pleated, crinkled, crushed, raised patterns are some of the most common textures seen among the fabric of the cloth.

Balance: Like in human body cloth must have symmetry for two sides respectively. Lines, shapes, colors and other elements can be different but they must form a balance that catches the eye of the viewer. Adding special effect and unique perspective to designs requires highest skills, precision and years of experience in building own clothing line. Prints and patterns are common on clothes these days which must be used keeping in mind the category of fabric being used in the whole collection.

Harmony & Rhythm: When elements of Fashion combine together for final cloth presentation it should offer a rhythm of proportions. Sophisticated use of lines, colors, shapes, color, fabric, texture and balance to a unique rhythm of its own. Neckline, Sleeve hem, pleats, the touch of the cloth, etc are some of the elements that must be synchronized for complete harmony and rhythm from the final product. Repetition or recurrence of the small designs to the whole design which flows through the whole body provide a rhythmic view.

There are also miscellaneous thing like frills, tucks, inserts, bindings, gathers, panels, ruffles, bands, collars, darts, hems, peplums, cutouts, fabric patterns, embroidery, quilting, trims, tassels, fringes etc must also be considered while designing fashion. Bennet Schwartz designs and assists with the production of clothing, shoes and accessories, identifies trends and selects styles, fabrics, colors, prints and trims for a collection.

Bennet Schwartz

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Bennet Schwartz an Australian fashion designer who designed various collections for both men and women. #Australia #Melbourne

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