Wait…it isn’t just me?

in my mind this is pretty much me on the left and every other 20 something year old on the right

You made it past 18 and your knee deep into your 20's and this is NOT what you signed up for. Somehow you thought your 20's would be the time of the glo’up : you’d get your adult job, your first place, travel, have an amazing instagram feed, maybe even fall in love, and more. Some of it may have come into manifestation, while others seem so distant your still not sure if you’ll ever be without a roommate. And that’s just what your 20's consists of — bittersweetness.

The rise of social media has made it seem like your supposed to have it all together by your 20's. And of course it seems like all the people under 30 on your timelines are all wildly successful, and completely have it together.

Then there’s the others. I am an other. And surprise, the majority of us are the others. The others are the people experiencing the less glamorized side of this 10 year long period of whatdeefuck. Personally, I’ve spent years 21 and 22 in a dark space, beating myself up for various reasons all due to the expecations I had of my 20's. Its a miserable dead end that will only result in self restement if you continue to compare yourself to everyone on your TL.

During one of my many social media hiatus, I realized that I was shying away from sharing my life with others because I felt it wasn’t “good enough.” But then I wondered how many other people out there probably didn’t have it all together but somehow managed to survive and be happy in their current age of disarray.

And so I refocused my energy and time from trying to be this super cool, kick ass, career driven, finically secure, socially poppin, condo owning 23 year old to simply being Alexis. I’ve taken a step back to really ground myself. To understand what it is that I really like, what makes me happy, trying new foods, establishing daily self care habits, enjoying life, unleashing the magic that I know is within, and manifesting and journaling something crazy. I understand that there is no map for life and that my path will come to me, but first I must understand myself and my goals. I cannot find happiness but trying to walk down someone else’s path. No one can. And your path will be filled with twist and turns and a few really busy intersections. Accept it. Love it. And make it yours.

So keep calm because none of us really have our shit together and humans are creatures of change. Be open and receptive to new roads and different journeys. Your path is unique to you; and as long as you are happy and continue to grow and explore as a person then you’re doing it right.