Writing Leads Practice #2

Curriculum Changes

Who? President of University and college students

What? changing requirements for graduation

Where? At the University

When? Next Fall

Why? To create better educated persons

How? By enforcing classes in math, computer science and foreign language class.

Temple University’s President has announced graduate requirements that will come into order by fall 2016, these classes include: math, computer science and a language class.


Who? Cathy Bensen, 22, senior

What? Arrested for the third time for DUI

Where? Green Grove Drive

When? Tuesday

Why? She was driving under the influence of alcohol

How? By not regarding the laws enforced.

A Vanderbilt University homecoming queen and straight-A student seems to be living a life some would envy for; but Tuesday the 22-year-old was arrested for the third time in the last six months for DUI.

Record Weather

Who? Port Columbus weather office

What? Record highs of 82 degrees

Where? Port Columbus

When? Tuesday

Why? Unseasonably warm

How? Hottest temperature for this date since 1888

Quite some time ago in 1888 on this date, a sultry sun burned down on Port Columbus, but Tuesday’s unseasonably high temperature of 82 degrees sets a new record high for this area according to the weather office.


Who? Group of angry Christian citizens

What? A protest

Where? University

When? Next Monday

Why? Evolution being taught in biology class is not favored by pastor Wilbur Straking and other Christians

How? Protest will occur at state capital to speak with legislators about the problem

Michigan University includes the topic of evolution within biology courses, but evolution is not favored with some local Christians, and the pastor of Ever-faithful Church of Living Water plans on visiting the state capital to protest the issue with 25 dedicated Christians.


Who? Ellie Maston vs. Amburn’s Produce Market

What? Suit filed for $100,000

Where? Amburn’s Produce Market

When? Accident occurred April first

Why? Negligence for green beans on floor which caused Maston to slip and break her hip.

How? Maston will file in the Circuit court and fell because she slipped.

A local woman slipped on some green beans left on the floor of Amburn’s Produce Market causing the shopper to break her hip and incur several permanent bodily injuries; thus she will push to sue the market for $100,000.

Agreement Announced

Who? Presidents of Ambrose Steel Company & United Steelworkers Local 923

What? They are meeting to reach collective bargaining agreement. A strike is occurring.

Where? Steel working companies

When? Tonight, Wednesday

Why? To discover the terms of agreement

How? A meeting will be held and contract will be read.

Presidents of Ambrose Steel Company and the local United Steelworkers union have met to reach a collective bargaining agreement, which will be read Wednesday night to inform the 457 steel workers of the details surrounding the substantial wage agreement.

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