What is the point in doing sport for hundreds of years without doping?
Alexander Blagochevsky

If sports have survived and thrived in cultures around the world for thousands of years before performance enhancing drugs existed, it’s certainly not boring. Besides, sports leagues around the world make billions upon billions of dollars each year, with top performing athletes making 8 digits a year. Frankly, they don’t anywhere close to that much money to keep the industry going.

This topic isn’t about money. It’s about giving all athletes a fair chance. Doping gives athletes an edge that robs other athletes from a title they deserve; if a medal at the olympics is revoked and given to the second place athlete later, they’ll still always remember everything about what it feels like being second place. What about the fourth place athlete? They never even get to stand on the podium and be rewarded. It’s incredibly wrongful and unnecessary. Of course, that’s ignoring all the potential health risks and safety of athletes.

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