Blogging old, Blogging new…

I’m a really big fan of Medium — it’s a far more stunning platform than I could ever build, and it really helps to connect great people, great content, and the social web in a meaningful way.

That said, I’ve been blogging since the late 90s and have jumped aboard many platform bandwagons in that time. Most of them are now either dead, or I’ve locked them down so that my teenage-angst-fuelled blog posts about school days and former relationships stay well out of the public realm.

Seriously, nobody wants to read that. I put the Q in Drama Queen.

I started blogging about more interesting things back in 2007 and even managed to churn out a few popular posts. “Luck, Love, and Dinner” still gets a plethora of views every month — as does its followup post “Pride” of which I’m (ironically) rather proud.

Occasionally I’d write about things other than myself, too. “We Can Be Better Than This” focussed on prejudice within the technology industry, while “Coders Are Not Weirdos” was intent on correcting a particularly narrow minded journalist. I think he works for the Daily Mail now. Figures.

No post, however, had as snappy a title as “Dear Assface”, an open letter I wrote to someone stood next to me on a train platform last Christmas eve.

And so as I move on to a new blogging platform — embracing the trendy microcosm that is Medium and leaving behind the painful embrace of WordPress and its PHP chains, I couldn’t just abandon the past seven years of blog posts entirely.

And so, if you ever want to look at anything I wrote prior to 2014, you can head over to and see the things I used to rant and rave about when I was less of a hipster.


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