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Games Consoles

Games consoles have become a big part of entertainment in the last 20 years and are in almost every household. Clay Routledge says on the social benefits of video gaming “the researchers found that participants who had just played a prosocial game…..were more likely to engage in helpful behaviors such as picking up a box of pencils spilled by the experimenter”. This shows that video gaming can have a possitive effect on peoples behaviour. On the other hand says on the topic of over exposure to gaming “an addicted teenager won’t develop effective social skills, which will hinder his ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships”. This shows how video gaming can have a negative effect on social interaction. Personally i think that in moderation video gameing can have a positive effect on todays social environment.

Games consoles are used affectively as a means of entertainment in todays society but also as a means of education. Thomas Cregge says on video games and their effect on modern day society “even current events today, like the war on terror in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan is reflected by the Call of Duty series”. This shows that video games are a good way to educate people on modern day issues. However video games can have alternative motives as Alex Rayner says “Iran’s Association of Islamic Unions of Students released Special Operation 85: Hostage Rescue; a first-person-shooter game wherein players aim to free two Iranian nuclear scientists kidnapped by the US. The game was published in response to Kuma’s Assault on Iran, which was based around a US assault on an Iranian nuclear facility”. This shows that video games can be made as propaganda without the player even noticing. I think that most war games are filled with propaganda however there are many other categories of games to choose from that are more light hearted.

The main function of a games console is a device to play video games. However they have many other relevant functions including internet browsing which allows users to access information and social media sites. There are also many entertainment apps availabe like Netflix and Youtube which gives users access to endless amounts of content. Companies have also began to encorporate interactive devices in their consoles like the Xbox Kinect which allows you to give commands for the console to undertake. Games consoles have had a massive impact on society and will continue to grow in popularity through the recent advances of virtual reality.


Laptops have become a very effective tool in day to day life and also in mainstream education in the last 10 years. Russell Paul said in a paper on the effectiveness of using laptops in high schools “96 percent of the teachers who participated said the students had enhanced access to resources because of laptops”. This shows that using laptops in classrooms can have a possitive effect on access to resorces that would otherwise be inaccessible. However Russell Paul later goes on to state “drawbacks, such as distractions or inappropriate Internet use, can cause concern for educators”. This shows that although laptops can enhance access to resorces they can also cause a distraction that would otherwise be non existent without them.

Laptops are used effectiveley in a recreational and vocational aspect in todays society. Nibusiness says about their effectiveness “key features include immediate access to data and more flexible ways of doing business”. This shows that they can improve productivity in a business. Laptops are also effective as gaming devices as Lawrence Neves says “it is well worth it in the long run if you are after a true gaming experience that goes beyond launching birds at a pig’s house”. This shows that laptops can be used in many ways to give the user the experience they want wether its gaming or in a business aspect.

Laptops have many relevant functions including internet browsing which allows you to access social media sites and resources like books and articles. They also give people access to applications like Microsoft word which allow you to write essays and create documents. Laptops can alos be used for entertainment and gaming purposes as you are able to play games and stream films over the internet. Another key feature on laptops is the camera which allows you to video call with people across the world with the use of an application like Skype. Laptops have had a possitive impact on society as it has allowed people who whould not be able to afford a PC to have the same access to the resorces of the internet from home. With the incricing use of smartphones and tablets i think that the future of laptops are limited.


Smartwatches have recently become popular in mainstream culture due to the surge in personal fitness and in constantly being connected. Smartwatches can have a possitive effect on your health as Campbell Simpson says “It’s taught me that taking a minute out of each hour to walk around is really quite a good idea”. However smartwatches can also have a negative effect on people as Andre Spicer says “as we pay more attention to our feed of personal biodata, we’re likely to become more anxious about things that we may never have given a second thought to in the past”. This shows that if you spend too much time obsessing over the information given to you through the smartwatch it can have negative effects on your way of life. Personaly i belive that used correctly smartwatches can be a usefull tool in making your life better.

Smartwatches are used effectively in everyday life and also as a fitness tool. Health Fitness Revolution says on the fitness benefits of smartwatches fitness “trackers have workouts, tips, and realistic goals you can set for yourself”. This shows that smartwatches make fitness easier therefor encourage people to get into shape. David Pierce says “everyone can get behind the idea of a smartwatch that frees you from other gadgets, keeping you connected yet largely free of distractions”. This shows that smartwatches are becoming more effective as companies realise what people want from them other than just fitness trackers.

sOther than telling the time smartwatches have many relevant functions like fitness trackers that allow you to monitor things like the distance that you have ran, the amount of calories you have burnt and consumed, your heartrate and quality of sleep. Smartwatches also alow you to conect them to your phone so that you can reply to texts and answer calls, though the effectiveness is arguably limited. Smartwatches have had a large impact on society fuelling the culture of always being conected to the world and their impact will only increase as technology advances.


Smartphones are one of the widest used new media applications in this day and age. They are effective in todays society as JY Liew says in his paper on the effect of smartphones on social interaction, “In the contemporary society, the evolution of technology has eased communication across all levels of life”. This shows that smartphones encourage and simplify communication. However there is also a strong argument apposing the effectiveness of smartphones in a social aspect as Abena Bemah states (talking about people on a train), “They gave a 100 percent of their attention to their mobile phone device and ignored the people standing by them”. This shows that the use of smartphones in public places has a negative impact on social interaction. Personally I believe that smartphones have had a positive impact in making everyday life easier however they have had a negative impact on social interaction.

Smartphones are used effectiveley in todays environment from mobile banking to checking your emails on the go. Ruth G Abayneh states “One can have increased connectivity, immediate access to data and information, play games and do office work with this hand-held device”. This shows that smartphones can be used productively for everyday jobs. However Wen Kai Chan argues that we are not using them to their full potential by saying “smartphones could possibly help save hundreds of thousands of lives in the aftermath of a disaster or humanitarian crisis…. point people towards safe zones simply by checking their phones”. I belive this to be the case as I feel our society squanders the usefulness of smartphones to possibly save lifes and make the world a better place.

Smartphones have many relevand functions including calling and texting which helps us stay in contact with people over long distances. People also use smartphones for gaming and entertainment purposes with millions of gaming and on demand television apps available. Smartphones also allow their users to stay connected through social media, have infanate amounts of information at their finger tips with internet browsing and cameras on smartphones now mean that no memory is forgotten. This has had a massuve impact on society as people would prefer to experience life looking through their phone rather than first hand. I think that the future of smartphones will continue to get worse before people realise that they are not using them to their full potential.


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