Racism Doesn’t Really Exist
Jasky Singh

I can identify with your point of view. In January 2012, I assisted an operation on a woman in Virginia. As a diligent Med student, I(together with two other white Med students) did all the nice follow-ups and was right there when she woke up to talk her through the next phases of her recovery. She listened careful to everything we said and then singled me out and asked me if I was the one who’d be moving her from the recovery ward. In my head, I was like… “wtf, can’t you see my name tag? I’m a neurosurgery subintern!!!” But I smiled, and said “oh no, Ma’am, I’m a Med student. Someone is already on his way to help you out with that”. My colleagues were feeling embarrassed, but I just brushed it aside knowing she genuinely could have made that mistake because there was only one black doctor in the entire hospital. Most of the black guys in scrubs were invariably orderlies.

I’m probably making an excuse for her, or I was just plain stupid, but at that moment, I just saw a confused woman not a racist. As a highly-educated person who grew up in Africa, I was brought up as a confident person and made fully cognizant of my rich heritage, and grew up feeling like a king even though I had nothing compared to the rich (and sometimes borrowed) folks in those in the West.

I analyze every situation like any human would, rather than walking around thinking every white person is a racist. But then again, maybe I’m just plain ignorant and would need some harsher experiences to raise my index of suspicion for racism.

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