KOGs on WAX — A quick Introduction

KOGs on WAX is developed by RFOX Games a subsidiary of RedFOX Labs

Collectible and playable fun, each KOG can be used between and in a variety of games being developed specifically for the blockchain. With the ability to collect, trade, swap, and play, KOGs promise to be much more than a reimagined version of the 90’s phenomenon POGs.

So what are KOGs?

Inspired by the 90’s global phenomenon POGs, KOGs, or Keys to Other Games is a series of collectible NFTs that can be used across a number of different games. There are multiple sets of varying rarity and each set will have different properties and provide access to different experiences between the upcoming games. First edition KOGs will be much sought after as they precede the release of the maiden KOGs game and will have untold abilities and powers.

The First Edition Combat Medic is highly prized

KOGs have come from different eras, planets and genres to complete the first edition set. You may decide you wish to collect the 80’s set because it brings back memories or you might want to get your hands on the space military set because they are dead cool, either way, there is something for everybody.

KOGs have 100 base designs but you will rarely find two that are alike. The reason being, they each have different borders, colors, and other unique identifiers. The gravity of these unique identifiers will be explained in full as we approach the maiden game release.

Each KOG has a border and there are 3 different border thicknesses. There are also 12 standard border colors and 12 multi-colored borders. In addition to this KOGs come in 4 main categories, common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare, of which there are less than 1%. Adding to the uniqueness and variety there is also foils that makeup around 2.5% of each category. The foil KOGs will be the ones that everyone is trying to get their hands on.

In addition, there will be 12 different slammers also with varying rarity and a special twist which will soon be revealed. No collection will be complete without slammers.

A new twist on an old favorite

POGs in the 90’s was a serious business

Blockchain technology has come a long way in recent times and NFTs are leading the charge for both collectibles and in-game ownership. We plan to combine an old favorite in POGs with a new twist, digital collectibles each recorded on the blockchain. This coupled with blockchain gaming elements means we are able to make this series of collectibles and games borderless and timeless.

Blockchain of course still has its limitations, but at KOGs we are all about digital inclusion and we are based in Southeast Asia which hosts one of the fastest-growing digital economies on the planet. Our objective is to provide seamless, cheap, scalable, and secure games to the 100s of millions of residents in this region and to the countless players around the globe.

The games will all be designed to handle 3 modes which include, for keeps (subject to country or region), for fun and tournaments. The tournaments will be the cornerpiece and allow players to test their skills against willing opponents around the world.

As the series progress and more and more games are developed, the true power and mechanics of the first edition KOGs will become truly apparent. The characters and the art as they appear in the first edition will no longer be available in subsequent editions which makes them even more appealing, especially for collectors.

Who are we?

Adam ‘Arclegger’ Clegg — Director of Gaming, Legendary game designer of H1Z1 fame, and co-founder of RFOX Games— Best known for Battle Royale and Planetside 2.

Ben ‘Bitcoin Benny’ Fairbank— CEO and co-founder of RedFOX Labs and RFOX Games, Entrepreneur, and global C Level executive in more than 12 countries for disruptive tech companies.

Glen Pearce — Co-founder of RedFOX Labs and RFOX Games, digital nomad, digital marketer, and enthusiast of all things blockchain.

Josef Andre — Technical Project Lead, Robotics and Mechatronics major, RedFOX Labs DBOT A-team member.

Jon Brooks— Writer, researcher, word-sorcerer and source of content for all things blockchain and gaming.

Shaun Lee — Community and Social Media Manager.

Animation Crew —Michael Melendez, Rare Designer, Thanh Quoc, Luca Laurence, Felix Malmborg, Marvin Eibl, Marko Zubak, Faridoon Masood, Saurabh Garwal, Harshit Puram.

Join the KOGs revolution

KOGs provide collectability, variety, and gameplay in a unique way that we believe will pave the way for many aspiring blockchain game labs in the future. This is just the beginning of the KOGs ecosystem, gaming platform, and collectibles series. We are happy that you are here as one of the first members of the KOGs community

The Time Traveler First Edition

KOGs go on sale August 18, 2020 for a limited time period only — this is the first edition and will never be released again; as well as having multiple benefits for in-game mechanics and rewards. Don’t miss your chance to join the revolution by registering at https://wax.kogs.gg and go into the draw to win 1 of 25 special edition KOGs

Make sure you follow KOGS on WAX for updates!

KOGs: https://wax.kogs.gg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOGs_on_WAX

Facebook: KOGS on WAX

Discord: To launch 07/08/2020

Telegram: Non-official (community channel)



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Ben Fairbank

Ben is the CEO + Co-Founder of RedFOX Labs, RFOX Games and KOGs on WAX, he is a serial entrepreneur and has 20 years of C Level experience across 12 countries.