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Java is a general-purpose computer programming language and a computing platform. Java is concurrent, secure, and object-oriented. It is an open-source platform. The codes are reusable and can be used to develop any other application on Java platform. Java software became much more popular because of its cross-platform nature. Java engineers should expect to see growth in By 19% by 2024. So it’s better to choose a career in Java. java course cochin

IndiaOptions is the right destination for IT Training in Kerala. indiaOptions offers software courses & networking Courses. It is founded In 2000, having 18 years of experience in IT Training. It is an authorized training partner of Redhat, Oracle & Microsoft.

Java Courses offered by IndiaOptions

Core Java

Oops concepts, Abstract class & Interface, Constructors, Keywords, Strings, String Buffer, Wrapper classes, FileStream classes, Exception Handling, Garbage collections, Collections, MultiThreading, Applet, Swing, Event Handling, SQL, JDBC,.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SERVLET, JSP, JSTL, XML, AJAX, Mini project

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Overview of Struts Framework, Overview of Model, View, Controller (MVC) design pattern, Applying Struts to MVC, Handling requests in Struts, Main components of struts, The Controller components, The View components, The Model components, Struts configuration files, Action Classes in struts, Validator Plug-In, Deployment Descriptors

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Introduction to JPA, Single-Table Mapping, Mapping Associations, Entity Managers, JPQL, Persistence Components, Advanced Mappings, Validation,

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Basics of Spring, Spring with IDE, Dependency Injection, Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Spring with ORM, SpEL, Spring 3 MVC

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Oracle Certified Java Associate

Java Basics, Working With Java Data Types, Using Operators and Decision Constructs, Creating and Using Arrays, Using Loop Constructs, Working with Methods and Encapsulation, Working with Inheritance, Handling Exceptions, Working with Selected classes from the Java API,

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Oracle Certified Java Professional

Java Basics, Java Class Design, Advanced Java Class Design, Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces, Java Stream API, Exceptions, and Assertions, Collections & Generics, Use Java SE 8 Date/Time API, Java I/O Fundamentals, Java Concurrency, Building Database Applications with JDBC, etc.

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