Boston Snow Day: Storm Juno

January 27th, 2015: Boston gets hit with approximately two feet of snow. A photo recap of a walk through Boston.

Cars are rendered useless for the time being, and become the foundations for parallel rows of flowing white hills lining each and every street.

Having lived in Boston for five years now as an undergraduate college student, this is only the second time which I have seen the city shut down to such a degree. The last of which was the Nemo storm in February 2013.

A transformation takes place with the advent of a snowstorm of large proportion. As a city dweller, I have become desensitized to the persistent wail of emergency sirens, car horns, and loud music projected from passing vehicles.

Today however, a silence remained all throughout the city. Instead, the roads were filled with the voices of the residents of Boston, who were out and about and enjoying the miracle of two feet of snow.

Talking about the weather always makes for good small talk. It’s a shared experience by everyone. Snowstorms take that to a more positive level. Today’s adventure was to walk throughout the city and see the sights. In doing so, it was difficult to find a single person without a smile ear to ear.

The typically busy Massachusetts Avenue, clear of traffic due to city-wide driving ban.

Walking through campus I was caught up in an impromptu snowball fight with other college students. As a side note, a snowball fight must be one of the few occasions you can throw things at someone soliciting a positive response.

On-campus snowball fight

The empty reflecting pool near the Prudential building became a flat tundra beckoning for snow sculptors.

Several bikers are not deterred from the slick stuff…

To weather even the most vicious of a storm it is important to stay stocked with the essentials.

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