4 Tips that are important for Graphic Designers

To become a graphic designer, you got to put yourself in situations that are uncomfortable. Whether its creating a design or learning a skill you’re not familiar with.

1. Learn a New Skill!

To become a great designer, you need to learn new skills and always expand your knowledge. When you expand your knowledge you’re opening up more creative mindset that allows you to create amazing content for clients.

  • Take a class at a university for graphic design.
  • Find a mentor that will show you his skills and techniques.
  • Join a meetup in your local area.
  • Find a online video course/webinar. For example “ Udemy.com , Coursera.com, or Edx.com”

2. Find Virtual Projects!

When you use a platform for virtual projects, it will enables you to become more expandable in your range of knowledge. With brief box it will help you become a better designer by allowing other creative designers critique your work. However, when you use this platform, you will become more conformable with clients judging your work.

Click below to view the website that was very helpful for me!

3. Get feedback and learn from it!

Do you like what you created? Why don’t you show it to family members, clients, or others? Are you afraid?

It won’t hurt when showing it to anyone. When you show it to a professional designer or someone who has detailed oriented skills, it will allow you to get honest feedback from that person. This will allow us as a graphic designer to learn and build from the feedback to make the project even better.

“ There is no perfect design, if you believe you’re designing is perfect! you are lying to yourself. ”

4. Follow your passion!

This is very important for designers. Without faith you won’t be able to accomplish great work. When you have faith, you are allowing yourself to become self-motivated and self-driven for something that doesn’t exist yet. Graphic designing takes a lot of thinking and patience's, without it you won’t be able to become more creative or in the zone when designing.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and gain some knowledge from it.

This is my first article I created on any platform!

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