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The Cardano Foundation — in line with its integrated marketing and communications strategy — has expanded its integrated global PR, Communications and Marketing function by appointing Maryam Mahjoub as the new Marketing Manager, effective immediately. The latest addition is in response to the Foundation’s worldwide growth plans with more key positions to be filled in 2020 ahead of the transfer of custody of Cardano.

In her new role based in Ontario, Canada, Maryam will lead and execute Cardano and the Cardano Foundation’s global marketing strategy with a primary focus on driving adoption through results-driven go-to-market exercises.

Maryam will work closely with Bakyt Azimkanov, Global PR and Communications Director, to promote Cardano and its brand integrity, and she will focus on acquisition strategies and retention across various verticals. Working in collaboration with other functions at the Cardano Foundation, she will develop cross functional initiatives designed to increase awareness and adoption of Cardano for various audiences. …

Importance of showing up, taking part, driving conversations, working with regulators and shaping legislation

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Legislation is one key to adoption through use cases of blockchain — be it in emerging markets or developed nations. Robust regulatory environments and innovation-friendly political landscapes that foster technological advancements are vital to shaping technology-driven growth.

Since the concept of blockchain was introduced in 1991, our perception of the technology has shifted and our collective understanding continues to change as we head towards a blockchain-enabled era of the future. For this to materialise on a full scale, we need laws that support ever-changing disruptive growth.

Armed with a mission to shape legislation, the Cardano Foundation is involved in leading global industry bodies to design legislative drafts and discuss their implementation with regulators. And, not without a healthy dose of interesting debates on overregulating the sector! …

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help your team tweet better by sharing these notes

Notes from Ed Latimore’s Twitter course (shared with his permission).

All credit to the great and good Ed Latimore! My notes are a poor distillation of Ed’s course which you can buy here.

This document doesn’t tell you what to do on Twitter. Its purpose is to give you a framework on what you could do, the final decision is a judgment call and is for the author and publisher to agree on. This document is not exhaustive.

Basic Strategy is to remember platforms come and go, but the basics of networking and communication are forever. Add value. …

Leave suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them. ‪Artwork by @PixelGustavo.

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A History of Rogue

The original ‘Rogue’ was a dungeon crawling video game by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman and later contributions by Ken Arnold. Rogue was originally developed around 1980 for Unix-based mainframe systems as a freely-distributed executable. It was later included in the official Berkeley Software Distribution 4.2 operating system

The first blockchain based Rogue game

The new iteration of the old classic will allow players to create a unique avatar, represented by a non-fungible token on the Komodo platform with unique blockchain gaming histories, which they can later collect and trade.

It is the world’s first project utilizing non-fungible tokens combined with our Cryptoconditions (CC) technology. As a result, your avatar can earn in-game gold which can be easily transferred into real coins (= blockchain based cryptocurrency units). …

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Komodo And Coinbene Announce Strategic Technology Partnership

Komodo is pleased to announce a Strategic Technology Partnership with Coinbene, a major crypto exchange based in China. Coinbene has independently audited and validated Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service and will be officially endorsing it to at-risk coins and tokens listed on the exchange. The partnership will also explore opportunities for Coinbene to implement Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology to make crypto trading more secure and more decentralized. We’re happy to be working with Coinbene to support their 2019 security initiative and to be making the blockchain space more secure for developers, exchanges, and investors alike.

51% Attacks Are a Growing Threat to Smaller Blockchains; Komodo May Be the Solution

In the wake of several 51 percent attacks on relatively large blockchains including Ethereum Classic, Verge, and Vertcoin, BREAKERMAG takes a look at Komodo and our security solution, delayed Proof of Work. Also discussed is our partnership with Coinbene and a report from the Blockchain Transparency Institute on wash trading on exchanges. …

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Tweets from our CTO worth reading!

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GIN Platform adopt delayed Proof of Work

GIN Platform is the latest in a line of projects who have adopted dPoW that include GAME Credits, Kreds, Einsteinium, HUSH, SUQA, Verus Coin and Pearl Pay. To read the original tweet click here:

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ICObench raised Komodo’s rating

After reviewing the team’s progress, the rating was raised from 2.4 to 4.3 out of a maximum of 5. …

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Komodo Showcasing Multi-Chain Architecture: Z-Transaction Functionality Is Moving To A New Interlinked Chain

We’re making some important changes to our main chain which showcase how adaptable our blockchain technology is. I recommend reading our newly posted article written by @Daniel CP “Komodo Showcasing Multi-Chain Architecture: Z-Transaction Functionality Is Moving To A New Interlinked Chain” to get up to speed.

Here’s How Komodo (KMD) Deals With 51% Attacks — Explains Founder & Core Developer James Lee

“The news of Ethereum Classic (ETC) getting 51% attacked spread like a wildfire just recently. Following this hack, questions began to raise regarding the security levels of various Proof-of-Work (PoW) employing chains. Is there a major flaw floating around in the PoW framework? Is there a workaround that can minimize the damage caused by such attacks? …

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Cryptoconditions: Anatomy of an Oracle

In 2018, we added cryptoconditions to our codebase, and lots of testing has taken place leading to a new suite of dApps. Here’s a great article posted by smk762 talking about cryptoconditions and one use case involving GPS and a dog! Full article here:

“I’ve been busy working on the Dragonhound dApp (for asset tracking) in the KMD Labs, a community Skunkworks project. Dragonhound offers a cartographic interface using LeafletJS to display the GPS location data history of a …


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