The Death of the Monthly Salary
Ritika Bajaj

Thanks I enjoyed the read!

Being entrepreneurs for a few years now, but still getting paid on a monthly basis, I can truly feel the decorrelation between the monney and what I produce. That is something that s gonna start digging more people mind in the near future, the only resistance being that the frame we spend monney through works in the same manner. Basically one in one out.

One first big thing to tackle is like you mentioned, the lifestyle you buy. I guess first thing would be to remove habits other than food from any lifestyle consumption, like over travelling could be some, or any kind of buys which is not necessary to living on a daily basis. To be more abstract, what would need to be re-evaluate at personal scale is what value means. The value of our work, the value of our rewards and the value of what we own/live.

Very interesting topic and a lot of space to explore ☺