Yesterday, today and tomorrow work

I came up with a little metaphor to evaluate my daily tasks and efforts, a metaphor that lets me reflect on the ‘impact in time’ of my work: where does each effort spent impacts: on the past, the present or the future?

Yesterday work means reducing a debt, holding a promise, fixing something. But also reflecting on the past. Dealing with accumulated frustration, …

Today work delivers short term value. It’s those little daily things to do. Often repetitive ones. Rather isolated and without much consequences. Something that if postponed looses all its value.

Tomorrow work is investment, foundational work, work that starts something, …

What does this bring to me?

That little thought play is very new. Yet it already helped me to reflect on my actions and posture towards some relationships and projects: Am I merely filling a gap, doing what I have to? Or am I getting something started?

And yes, sharing early about it is future work: it invites us — me and you — to further experiment with that idea.

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