Takeaways from Half Marathon

I got passed by a lot of old ladies (there’s no age limit for being a badass)

Distance training is pretty specific, 21km is slightly too long to try to depend on athleticism (prepare, have a better strategy)

I hated myself and wanted to stop before the first km, but I fucking finished (you can push through anything)

I ran too fast at the beginning and got tired, then watched in agony as my friends passed me laughing (prepare, have a better strategy)

Mari told me there’s chemical magic that goes on in your brain when you pace yourself just at the edge of your limits, you get in a flow, and running is easy and feels great. I never achieved this, and I was miserably thinking about how close I was to being finished the entire time. (prepare, have a better strategy)

I even tried thinking about sex to distract myself from the brutality of running. (It didn’t help and probably has ruined sex for me forever)

All in all, I’m not too upset about how I did, having never trained for the marathon specifically. If I had trained more, I probably could have increased my marathon induced depression enough to have made me run even slower, so maybe it’s best that i just went for it.

Thanks to Kati H for convincing me to suffer like this.

Originally published at dazedandconfused.club on April 4, 2017.

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