It’s easy to think you can’t improve at something

You see what other people do. It’s great. Perfect. You think: “I can’t do that better.”

That’s correct. You can’t.

It’s easy to think, then, that you’ve found the ceiling. Either you’re there — you could have done exactly what they did, but you weren’t first, and that’s the reason you won’t now — or you can see it, and it’s a mystery.

In the latter case, break it down small and just start. Lots of literature on that. Go Google it.

The former is the tricky one. You’re good already. You just don’t know how you can get better.

Looking at perfection in the wrong light will dishearten and confuse you more than it will ever help.

You need the right lens. You need to know what to look for.

The fact is, you can’t beat what someone else has done perfectly. But you can do your own thing perfectly. And you can learn what helped them create that perfection. That’s one case — Babe Ruth wasn’t famous for one home run. He hit a lot of them. Sure, one stood out. But that wasn’t enough.

He created a formula for success and applied it to his own actions. He saw what others did and took the good parts and ate them up — and what he spat out was uniquely perfect. Flaws and all.

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