JavaScript vs Python vs GO - The DEAL BREAKER
Dominik Tarnowski

I guess that you could include Java in your benchmark, even if it’s only for Backend (as Python does). It would rank N°1 in many sections: Performance, Scalability, Jobs, etc.

Java is still the undisputed king in the Tiobe index.

As for Fun to write, in the Java world, you can use Apache Groovy language and all its ecosystem (Grails, Gradle, Spock, etc.), you’ll get the same fun, agility and productivity as the Ruby/Python world AND the power of Java.

What you says about Go is also true for Apache Groovy:

It’s performance is close to Java’s and it’s as fun to use and learn as JavaScript. The best of the two worlds.

But it’s true that Go seems to be the new cool kids on the block :)
 Any curious developer should have a look at it nowadays.