Here Are 9 Things You Could Do With Your $1.3 Billion Lottery Winnings

You could actually make a pool of cash with your Powerball winnings, if you wanted to. Credit: Carl Barks’ “The Sport of Tycoons”.

There were lines around the block at local markets and grocery stores across the country. Millions of people pinned their hopes on winning Saturday’s Powerball and its record $951 million jackpot. Some of my millionaire friends even bought tickets, because unless you’re Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, $951 million is life-changing money.

But something strange happened: nobody won. And now the Powerball jackpot is estimated to balloon to $1.3 billion or more* by Wednesday’s drawing. This jackpot shatters all previous records by miles.

$1.3 billion is a lot. It’s so much that it can be difficult to fathom it — and even harder to know what to do with it. But have no fear! I’ve done the research for you on unique ways you could spend you 1300 million (yup).

Here with a few ideas for how to spend your eventual winnings:

  • Purchase 3,250 of the 2017 Ford GT Supercars. Each one costs $400,000. But it’s worth it, because the GT is freaking SICK. Of course, Ford’s only making 250 of these per year, but with $1.3 billion dollars, I’m sure you can convince them to make a few more.
You know you want this.
  • Buy 13,000 Rolex Submariner for Cartier watches. This limited-edition watch sells for $100,000 on today’s market. You could buy many six-packs of Rolexes with that kind of bling bling.
  • Own the Soloman Islands. Ok, ok, you can’t actually buy an island country with $1.3 billion. But you’d have more wealth than the entire GDP of the Soloman Islands and 17 other countries.
  • Eat 52,000 bowls of The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ice cream sundae, the most expensive desert on the Earth. Perhaps you’re a foodie. Well, with $1.3 billion, you could dine on the world’s most expensive dessert every day for the next 142 years. Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Haute Chocolate comes with 28 cocoas, 5g of edible gold flakes, and a goblet made of gold and diamonds. Bon apetit!
I wasn’t going to leave you without a picture of this decadent monstrosity.
  • Acquire Thumbtack, Auttomatic (WordPress), Warby Parker, Twilio, Shazaam, Cloudflare, or Eventbrite. According to the CBInsights “unicorn” tracker, all of these companies are valued between $1 billion and $1.3 billion by the private markets. Convincing any of these companies to sell to you is another matter.
  • Build 130,000 wells for communities and schools that need it. You could also give millions of people meaningful work across the world with that money. If Zuckerberg can donate $40+ billion to charity, you can spare a billion.
  • Buy 58.6 million copies of my book. That’s 26,000+ tons of paper! *wink**wink*
  • Fully fund NASA… for 26.8 days. Reaching for the stars ain’t cheap. Neither is defense and war, though. Your $1.3 billion wouldn’t even get the U.S. military through a single day.
  • Purchase the Chateau Louis XIV, the most expensive home in the world… 4 times. This insane mansion and 56-acre property outside of Paris was purchased by a Middle Eastern buyer for $301 million. Which means after buying the Chateau Louis XIV four times, you’d still have $96 million left over to buy furniture for your four new homes.
How much does a home like this have to cost to maintain?!

All of us know the stats — you’re far more likely to die in a lightning strike than hit the Powerball jackpot. Yes, you almost certainly won’t win, but it’s never a crime to hope and dream. So good luck, and remember to send me a finder’s fee when you eventually win!

*I know taxes and lump sum payments basically take the $1.3 billion jackpot and cut it in half. But hey, if you have $600 million, you can easily turn that into $1.3 billion with some smart investing.

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