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Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum. Samasource brings people out of Kibera by training them on digital work and employing them.

Why I Joined the Samasource Board of Directors

Some Thoughts on the Future of Work

“The ticket you draw in life’s birth lottery shouldn’t determine your fate.” ~ Leila Janah

Getting Closer to Sama

Work Provides Identity and Hope

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Prudence grew up in Kibera — Africa’s largest urban slum. She used her income from Samasource to move her mother and sister into a new house in a safer neighborhood, where she loves hosting friends and baking in her new kitchen.

Work Is Changing, Thanks to AI

The Future of Work

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Lakshmi is from a small town near Bangalore. Her parents are rural farm laborers, but her father is injured and currently out of work. Lakshmi is supporting her entire family with her Samasource income, as well as funding her brother’s education.

President & Co-Founder of Octane AI | Author of Captivology | BoD of Samasource | Formerly CNET, Mashable | Forbes 30 Under 30

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